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What is a retainer based Practice?

A retainer based practice is one in which an individual “retains” a personal physician by paying an annual fee in order to have better access to medical attention when needed.
A personal physician on retainer is accessible by phone 24/7/365 for individuals who desire to have their own doctor who knows them and their medical history and who can coordinate and facilitate all their care from acute illness to hospitalization.
By retaining a personal physician, your health care is not left to “chance.” You don’t have to chance seeing a different doctor each time you need one or having to speak to a doctor that’s on call after hours that knows nothing about you.
You don’t have to chance not being seen in a timely fashion or having to wait in a busy office full of ill patients. The retainer allows you to have enough time with your own physician to have all your questions and concerns addressed in a non-rushed atmosphere.
(A typical family practice physician is contracted with many managed care plans and therefore must see thousands of patients to cover their costs due to reduced reimbursement.
This makes it difficult for patients to get an appointment when they want it for the amount of time needed to address all their concerns.)

What age group does destination Health® accept?

Medical services are provided to individuals 15 years of age and older.

How does Destination Health® work with reimbursement accounts by employers??

Many employers offer Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and will allow you to pay for services not covered by your insurance plan with pre-tax dollars.
This is an option which offers additional savings for the services you obtain from Destination Health®. The same procedures and rules which apply to any other healthcare provider apply to Destination Health’s services.
Most reimbursement plans automatically provide payment from your HSA, HRA or FSA for services not paid by your insurance plan; others require you to submit separately after you receive your explanation of benefits.
Consult with your plan administrator to determine how to best utilize this benefit. Destination Health® will provide an itemized statement for your use in obtaining reimbursement under these plans.

Will the prescriptions written by a Destination Health® doctor be covered in my insurance plan?

As with any service provider, prescriptions written by any of our doctors may be covered at various reimbursement levels depending on how your insurance plan covers prescription drugs.
We suggest you contact your plan’s service department regarding your specific plan guidelines. Prescriptions written by any of our doctors are not covered by your Patient Program Agreement annual membership fee.

What services other than medical is available at Destination Health®?

Cosmetic procedures and products are available on site including:

  • Revision Skin Care line
  • Botox
  • Juvederm

What other services are available?

 Other services available:

  • Biote Hormone Pellets
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) warts
  • Skin lesion excision (removal)
  • Joint injections

How can I meet the doctors?

Simply call us at (817) 310-6050 to schedule a personal tour of our facility and meet any of our doctors at a time that is convenient for you.
We will answer any questions you may have during this complimentary, no-obligation visit. Once you sign the Patient Program Agreement and provide us with a check or credit card for the retainer, you are all set.
We accept cash, checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and debit cards.


Please contact Dr. Christopher Hughes via Destination Health® at (817) 310-6050. Our staff is happy to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

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